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The Quickest and Easiest Way to Build Your Campaign Website

LaunchRight makes creating your campaign website as quick and easy as posting to Facebook or Twitter, so you can spend your time on what’s most important - getting your message out to voters.

Built by Conservatives for Conservatives

Build your website in record time

Our website builder provides you an easy-to-follow, step-by-step process that simply asks you to add your content, images, and videos as appropriate while it takes care of all of the design and details for you.

And get professional results every time

LaunchRight takes all of the best practices professional website developers use and condenses them down into a simple easy-to-use tool that gets you a high quality website every time.

What’s wrong with the status quo?

If you’re looking to build a campaign website, there are hundreds of website builders to choose from - Wix, SquareSpace, Webflow, Wordpress, etc. However, none of those website builders are designed for you and your specific use-case. Instead, they’re all complex, generic website builders aimed at trying to be all things to everyone. As a result, you often either need to fit within one of their pre-designed templates or hire a professional website designer to get a good looking website.

That’s why we built LaunchRight. LaunchRight is a website builder aimed specifically at the needs of conservative political campaigns. This allows us to focus all of our time fine-tuning our builder with basic features you require (like issue and endorsement sections) along with adding campaign-specific 3rd Party integrations.

Your website builder should suit your specific needs, not the other way around.

Simple Pricing

LaunchRight is $39.99 per month per scheduled or live website (excluding tax where applicable).

For just $39.99 per month you receive everything you need to create a professional website and track sign-ups including:

  • The Website Builder

  • A Contact Manager

  • 3rd Party Integrations

  • Technical Support

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